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The KGF club

KGF CLUB - The First Club established in Kolar Gold Fields and the fourth oldest golf club in India. ... This club was the first of its kind to be established in KGF.The club has a regal colonial ambience.The club is now more than a century old and was built of stones quarried from the area itself, with beautiful teal wood doors and windows. The club is equipped with a Bar, Ballroom, and other indoor sports.

The KGF Gymkhana Golf Club

The KGF Gymkhana Golf Club was establish by British Minning company John Taylor and sons in 1885 and it a 12 hole golf course and a beautiful Victorian Club House. The the club is the first of its kind to be established in KGF and ranked as the 4th oldest Golf club in India.

Century old Plaque at entrance to the KGF Club

KGF was once called "Little England"
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